Purpose of the Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is to raise young people, who are the guarantee of the future of the Republic of Turkey, as individuals who are devoted to the national and spiritual values and who are beneficial to our country and all humanity by gaining the leadership personality and qualifications in the way drawn by the Great Leader Ataturk. With this understanding, it has the objective to carry out the necessary activities to meet the needs of the country and especially the youth, to provide social opportunities, to provide financial and moral assistance, to reward and encourage achievements and to do its part in the development of the society.
Corporate Structure
From 1990 to the present...

The corporate structure of Sema Yazar Youth Foundation consists of the board of trustees, the founders and the board of directors. Although our foundation is a founding member of TUSEV, it is among approximately 250 foundations that have been granted tax exemption with the decree of the Council of Ministers.

Our Founders