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Sema Yazar Youth Foundation

Sema Yazar Youth Foundation was established in 1990 by her mother Kubra, her father Mehmet and her sister Yasemin Yazar to keep alive the memories of their daughter Sema Yazar and to provide financial and moral support for university students in different disciplines.

More than 750 graduates
More than 93,000 people have studied in our schools
397075 people were treated in our medical centers in 2020


Sema Yazar’ın Yardım Eli

Education is at the forefront among the principles and values of the Sema Author Youth Foundation. In this direction, in addition to the scholarship support provided to students, there are 4 educational institutions built and donated by the Foundation.
Sports Events
Various sports activities such as horse riding, skiing, tennis and javelin are organized for scholars for different interests.
Culture and Art
Our Foundation; It brings its scholars together with cultural and artistic activities such as concerts, theatre, operetta and painting exhibitions.
Various health institutions were built in line with the needs. The needs of these organizations continue to be met.
Youth Activities
Sports and art activities are organized for our scholars in different areas of interest. Excursions and meals are organized, concerts, competitions and exhibitions are held.
Income Generating Investments
With the revenues of our foundation charters, the needs of our health centers are met, on the other hand, support is provided to the Foundation.
Social help
Social assistance was provided by the foundation according to the situation of the needy.
Park and forest arrangement and afforestation studies have been carried out by the foundation in order to protect nature. Since 1993, trees have been planted in the Sema Yazar Forest on the Ankara Ayaş road with our scholars. We support landscaping with our parks in Ankara and Kayseri.
Improvement Studies
Necessary improvement and renovation works have been carried out in order to provide better service to students in educational institutions.
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