Since 1990, success and need scholarships have been granted by the Foundation to students in different faculties and departments such as law, medicine, arts and engineering. Foundation graduates who received scholarship support during their education period provide successful service in their professions throughout Turkey. Some of our graduates have served on the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.

At the same time, graduates have voluntarily taken part in the interview and selection stages of new scholars. It is also ensured that graduates and scholars come together and meet with events such as dinner meeting days, theaters, concerts and trips organized by the Foundation.


Undergraduate/ Postgraduate Scholarships: The Foundation provides assistance to successful youth in accordance with Article 4.3 of the Deed of Foundation to support academic achievements.

Abroad Scholarships: In line with the needs of the country, the Foundation helps successful young people in accordance with the Deed of Foundation to support academic research and education programs to be carried out in universities abroad.

Sports and Art Scholarships: The Foundation, which considers education, arts and sports as a whole, provides tangible and intangible assistance as per the Deed of Foundation for the education of young artists and sportsmen who recognize Ataturk’s Nationalism in order to support all kinds of educational services as well as cultural, artistic and sports activities.

Conditional Donation Scholarships: Scholarships and loans are granted provided that the persons, authorities or institutions that are donated/ aided comply with the laws, Deed of Foundation and principles of the Foundation.

Scholarships For Loan: Academic scholarship is granted on condition that it is repaid after starting the business life.

Further information can be obtained from Sema Yazar Youth Foundation Scholarship Regulation:

Scholarship Regulation
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Conditions of Scholarship Selection?

  1. Being a citizen of Republic of Turkey.
  2. Being committed to the principles and revolutions of Ataturk.
  3. Being under the age of 30.
  4. Having no criminal record.
  5. Needing financial support according to assets and income status (This condition may not be required in success scholarships.)
  6. Having the grade point average of the relevant university for candidates who continue their undergraduate or postgraduate studies.
  7. For sports and art scholarships; documenting the success in sports or art branches.
  8. Not having received gross disciplinary penalty and suspension during the academic years and not having failed the class without a legitimate excuse.
  9. If the number of applications exceeds the quota determined annually, meeting the additional qualifications established by the scholarship commission/Board of Directors.
  10. Having documented the academic success for the abroad scholarships.
  11. Considering the benefits of the academic study to be conducted abroad in line with the needs of our country.
  12. In abroad scholarships; having skills in a foreign language to follow the postgraduate program of the university language to which he/she will study and documenting the language level, and having received admission from a reputable university regarding the related discipline.
  13. For lecturers, having received admission to educational activities such as research, seminars and symposiums abroad.
  14. Priority is given to lecturers for educational activities such as research, seminars and symposiums.
  15. The departments to be granted scholarships and base scores are announced every year.


  1. Those who receive scholarships from institutions or organizations that have provisions or provisions prohibiting the receipt of scholarships from another institution in the Regulation, (The status of those who receive loan or complementary scholarship is determined by the decision of the Board of Directors)
  2. Those with high income, other than those receiving orphan’s salary and-or alimony, martyr child’s salary and aid, and success scholarships.
  3. Foreign nationals.
  4. Students studying at dormitory school (such as police academy or military schools)
  5. Those studying in a preparatory class in a higher education institution other than for an additional language.
  6. Private university students (Students who are on scholarship and need it are evaluated by the Board of Directors)

What is the Amount and Duration of Scholarship?

The scholarship budget is determined by the Board of Directors before the start of the academic year.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate monthly scholarship starts in October (included) and ends in June (included) every year. In exceptional cases, the decision of the Board of Directors is required.

The amount and duration of the abroad scholarship are determined through the contract to be concluded with the scholar.

The amount and duration of the sports/art scholarship are determined through the contract to be concluded with the scholar.

As long as there is no unusual contraction in the resources of the foundation; the scholar continues the education program that he/she is enrolled in and the scholarship continues every year without the requirement of application until the graduation of the scholar, provided that the expiration conditions specified in Article 15 of the Regulation  do not occur. During this period, the scholar is obliged to submit to the Foundation Management, the semester transcript approved by the relevant department of the university or the replacement document at the end of each academic year. As of the announcement of the exam results at the end of the semester, if it is not delivered to the Foundation within the determined period and if there is a noticeable decrease in the grades, way and authorization for continuation of the scholarship/ loan is submitted to the disposal of Board of Directors.

The scholarship budget for the 2021-2022 training period has been fixed as TRY 900.

How is the Scholarship Application Process?

You need to fill out our scholarship application form and submit it to us. If your scholarship is evaluated positively, you can send the documents (Documents Requested from the Scholar) specified below by e-mail ( or personally.

Only when scholarship applications are evaluated positively, feedback is made.

Those who are considered positively are firstly invited to the verbal interview to be held in our Foundation. Those whose interviews are positive are informed by phone.

What are the Documents Required from the Scholars?


  1. Copy of ID Card
  2. 2 Passport size photographs
  3. Student certificate
  4. OSYM exam result certificate, settlement certificate, order of preference certificate, high school result certificate for those who will start their undergraduate education.
  1. Approved transcript showing the grade point average of all courses taken by the candidate during his/her education as a certificate of achievement for the scholarship candidates in the undergraduate education intermediate class (Transcript Certificate)
  2. The payroll of the parents working in the family, the pension income certificate from the pensioners or the certificate indicating that the father or mother is not registered with the SSI, the Retirement Fund or the Chamber of Commerce (if the Board of Directors or the Scholarship Committee deems it necessary)
  3. Criminal record
  4. Residence certificate,
  5. Extract copy of vital statistics record,
  6. For abroad scholarships; documents indicating that they have received admission to participate in educational activities such as research, seminars and symposiums abroad, and a report on the content of the study to be conducted.
  7. Other documents that may be requested by the Foundation (if the Board of Directors or the Scholarship Committee deems it necessary:

If the house where his/her family lives is a rental, a copy of the contract, if it is their own property, a photocopy of the title deed, if the loan is used, a document to prove this fact, and if the mother or father has a severe disease, a report from the state hospital, and the electricity and phone bills of the family for the last 3 months etc. can be requested. Those that can be obtained from the e-government system in respect of the requested documents, barcoded or other form of documents generated by the government, which are suitable for control may be accepted.

Is the Scholarship Repayable?

Only abroad scholarships granted are repayable scholarships.