Sema Yazar
Who is Sema Yazar?

Sema Yazar, who gave her name to the Foundation, was born in Ankara on November 14, 1970. Sema, the youngest daughter of Mehmet and Kubra Yazar, spent her childhood with her sister, Yasemin in her house on Konur Avenue in Kizilay. Sema, who completed her primary and secondary education at Mimar Kemal High School, died in 1990 when she was a student at Bilkent University, Faculty of Economics, in a car accident while returning from a horse riding competition. Sema, who was known as a smart, hardworking, humble, loving and helpful person among her relatives, always attracted attention with her beauty and elegance. Sema, who was promising with her vivacious character and interest in many fields of sports, and especially with the awards received in the field of horse riding, was also fond of skiing, tennis and swimming. Sema Yazar Youth Foundation, named after her, tries to keep her spiritual beauty alive as a source of hope for young people like her.